It is all well and good having some great games to choose from but it is also important to know how to play these games and of course invest real money in the games. At the Two Up Casino, there is not a lot of choice for depositing at the casino but the options offered are not only secure and encrypted but also super efficient. Players must place a minimum deposit of $25 worth each of these options and the player can make as many deposits in a day that he wants. The two main options for making deposits at the casino are with credit cards or using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is made up of hundreds of complex algorithms that are built up using Block chain technology. Each Bitcoin is a very complex virtual entity and it is almost impossible to copy it, hence its total security and the widespread usage of Bitcoin for online gaming. In order to use Bitcoin for deposits at the casino, the player must first open a Bitcoin wallet. Once he has a Bitcoin wallet he can fund it with Bitcoins and with Bitcoins in his wallet, he is able to send to the casino easily and securely. The transactions are made instantly and the player can proceed with enjoying the real money casino games with no hassle at all. Withdrawals of winnings from the casino are possible once the player has received approval from the casino management for the withdrawal. The withdrawals can be made directly to the players bank account via bank transfers or back to his Bitcoin wallet once the sum has been converted. The easy use of the banking systems enables the player to enjoy the casino games in real time and with no worries about money transfers.